Company Active Status

A company united on or before the 31st December shall file the particulars of the company and its registered office. Companies that are struck off, under process of striking off or that surrender liquidation are exempted for filing e-form active.

What happens when the company does not file Active?

In case if your company hasn’t filed for active then the compliance status for such companies shall be marked as active non-compliant and shall not be eligible to file the following forms. While some of the mandatory attachments of Company Active Status Filing is a photograph of registered office of the company showing internal and external office atleast one director/KMP with their affix digital signatures on them.

What are the restrictions on filing the Active?
  • Company that hasn’t filed for financial statements under section 137 and
  • Annual returns under section 92.

The process to apply for dormant status of company is by setting and assembling the board meeting, filing of MGT-14 form within thirty from passing in general meeting, filing of e-form msc-1 and last administrator will consider and accept the application and will issue a certificate for dormant status of company. In addition, there is no statutory fees for filing the form INC-22A, if filed on or before 15 June 2019 and if you file after the due date one has to pay 10,000 for filing the form INC -22A.

Company Active Status

INR 500 + 90 (18% GST) = 590